Dunu DN-26M Metal Noise-Isolating IEM Earphones

Dunu DN-26M Metal Noise-Isolating IEM Earphones

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Dunu DN-26M Metal Noise-Isolating IEM Earphones

Ignite your passion for music. The DUNU DN-26M earphones are a terrific audio experience, prepare to be blown away. You can take pleasure in all music genres thanks to DUNU's professional tuning. High resolution sound reproduction, deep bass, and crystal clear mid-highs are ready for your satisfaction.

DUNU are famous for their great price vs performance earbuds as well as the amount of accessories they include with their very well built units. DUNU introduces the DN-26M as earbuds for phone users so that people can catch calls and talk without compromising on sound quality. This earbud features an omni-directional microphone for the best quality calls.


Dunu bundles a new indented medium hard fabric case with the DN26M. Along with multiple different silicon buds. As a package these earphones represent a great buy with a great sound and solid accessories. They are a touch on the heavy side but that's what you would expect from a solid metal build.


  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Supplied with various tips to get the most comfortable fit
  • Omni-directional in-line microphone