FIDUE A83 Triple-Driver Hybrid 2 Balanced Armature+Dynamic Hi-End In-Ear Earphones

FIDUE A83 Triple-Driver Hybrid 2 Balanced Armature+Dynamic Hi-End In-Ear Earphones

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FIDUE A83 Triple-Driver Hybrid 2 Balanced Armature+Dynamic Hi-End In-Ear Earphones

The A83s are the new flagship hybrid IEM from Chinese IEM specialists Fidue. The consensus from audiophile forums is that these are really exciting and well made IEMs. Benny Tan is the founder and designer of these earphones and he is well known in China for designing of some of the best earphones out there.

What makes the Fidue A83 unique to the rest of the product lineup from Fidue is that this is the company’s first step into hybrid driver and BA technology. The previous 3 models from Fidue have all taken their cue from single dynamic driver implementations. The A83, on the other hand, is a hybrid design consisting of a dual BA for the mids and highs and a single 10mm dynamic driver for the lows.


The A83s are a striking IEM with a full bodied sleek design complimented by a red-blue color scheme for left and right driver units (red right and blue left). They are designed for over the ear use as opposed to straight down. Tonally the Fidue A83s are neutral to bright with a slightly forward treble. There is a fantastic amount of transparency in the upper mids and lower treble particularly and detail does shine through with ease with the right settings on your source device.

The A83s also come packed with a pelican type small storage case, single detachable cable, 1/4" jack and airline adapters and a collar clip. The earphone also come with a range of eartips including s/m/l silicon, a single pair of large Comply tips and dual flange tips in small and medium.

Gold Connectors

The Fidue A83 uses a gold plated MMXC connector type similar to the likes of Shure and the new range from Westone but unlike these two brands, Fidue have made a small adaptation to the connector to stiffen the connection and prevent unintended disconnections. Looking carefully on the external facing side of the connector on the cable there is a small metal wedge that fits into a socket on the driver unit. This ‘tweak’ is intended to give you a more stable connection but it does mean the swivel ability of stock MMXC connectors is lost. The A83 shells do not have that swivel capability like the Westone W50 or the UE900 or some of the Shure units.


The cable supplied with the Fidue A83s is a silver-plated OFC memory retention-free cable. It terminates at a high-quality custom 3.5mm branded jack with a similar type metal tubing around the y-split for stress relief. The top end is encased in heat shrink which gives the cable a reasonable amount of rigidity and should result in fewer cable breaks.


  • Triple Hybrid Technology with Premium Dual-Balanced Armature & Exclusive Dynamic Drivers
  • Silver-plated OFC Cable with Advanced Flat-wire Technology
  • Gold plated MMXC connector
  • Huge range of eartips including a set of the Comply T-400 Medium tips to ensure a good fit