MEElectronics M6 Stylish Sound Isolating Sports Headphones

MEElectronics M6 Stylish Sound Isolating Sports Headphones

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Why pay more for premium sound? The MEE M6 premium in-ear headphones not only give you great comfort with an over-the-ear design, but they also deliver amazing sound quality alongside stylish looks and fantastic durability.

Great detail, dynamics, stellar bass, treble extension, and a wonderful 3D presentation of your music - It's what the MEE M6 is designed for! Pick up the M6 In-Ear sports headphones hook them over your ears and get active - The over-the-ear design keeps the M6 in place during activities such as sports and working out.

Treat yourself, no more fuss just incredible sound, style, and comfort at a bargain price.


  • Acoustically advanced MEElectronics M6 series earphones deliver clear, accurate sound from any portable music or DVD player
  • Over-the-ear design keeps these in place even during workouts and sports activities
  • Enjoy full dynamic range of your favorite music and movies without cranking up the volume to unnatural, or even unsafe listening levels
  • Works with iPod, iPhone and other MP3 devices