Sony XBA-H1 In-ear Headphones with Hybrid Driver System

Sony XBA-H1 In-ear Headphones with Hybrid Driver System

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Sony XBA-H1 In-ear Headphones with Hybrid Driver System

The Sony XBA-H1 In-ear Headphones have been designed in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment, the XBA-H1 in-ear headphones let you hear music the way musicians intended. Hear detailed sound reproduction across the full frequency range thanks to a hybrid 2-way driver unit with built-in Beat Response Control technology, you'll be able to bump up the bass without worrying about distortion. Enjoy flawless reproduction of mid and upper levels, thanks to the Balanced Armature driver units and hear your music and nothing else, thanks to the close fit and closed earbud design.

Hear the Detail in Every Track

The XBA-H1 in-ear headphones - designed in collaboration with acclaimed music duo, Hurts - utilise a hybrid driver system to deliver flawless sound reproduction across the full 5Hz to 25kHz frequency range. The Balanced Armature (BA) driver units inside each earbud host a lightweight, ultra-responsive diaphragm that's been specially designed to enhance the reproduction of upper and mid-range tones. These BA drivers combine with a dedicated 9mm driver unit to deliver beautifully detailed sound quality across all frequencies. From rich, deep bass lines through to delicate, high-end vocals - you'll hear every note of every song.

Do Not Disturb

Pop in a pair of XBA-H1 in-ear headphones and get ready for a listening experience like no other: one that's free from the distractions and interference of the outside world. The snug in-ear fit and closed-back headphone design work together to minimise sound spillage, keeping more of your music in your ears. And with less background noise to disturb you, you're free to listen to your favourite tracks in crisp, crystalline detail without having to pump up the volume.

Heavyweight Bass Response

They may be small, but when it comes to bass response these headphones really pack a punch. The expanded frequency range - 5Hz at the low-end - allows the headphones to pick up on those sub-bass notes that others miss, while the closed-back, close-fitting earbud design maximises the bass signatures in your music. Coupled with a hybrid driver and Beat Response Control systems, you'll hear tight, rhythmic handling of even the toughest bass lines.

Designed for Comfort

You go everywhere with your headphones so it's important they feel comfortable to wear. Just 7 grams without the cord, XBA-H1 headphones are so light, you'll hardly know they are there. Select from a range of hybrid silicone rubber earbuds and foamed silicone earbuds to get just the right fit. There's also a cord adjuster and clip so you can keep the cord tidy which is useful when walking around or dancing.

Always Protected

Quality headphones deserved to be looked after, which is why we've included a stylish, hard-wearing carrying pouch. The pouch protects your headphones from the accidental scuffs and scratches that can happen when you put them in your bag. It also provides a convenient way of storing them at home or carrying around town when you want to travel light.


  • In-ear headphones with unique hybrid Balanced Armature driver system and Beat Response Control
  • Hybrid 2-way driver system
  • 5Hz-25kHz frequency range
  • Noise blocking ear bud design