Sony XBA-N1AP Premium High Res Audio In-Ear Headphones

Sony XBA-N1AP Premium High Res Audio In-Ear Headphones

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Sony XBA-N1AP Premium High Res Audio In-Ear Headphones

The Sony XBA-N1AP earphones combine incredible, crystal-clear audio and a sleek, modern design for an immersive listening experience. Enjoy incredible sound from a tiny package. With a large, 9mm Hybrid driver, these earphones are ready for any kind of music that you choose to throw at them, from the soaring strings of classical to the bass-heavy pressure of hip-hop. Sound quality is improved even more thanks to High-Resolution Audio. By extracting more detail and depth from the music source, High-Resolution Audio lets you enjoy the music closer to how the artist truly intended, with all the subtleties and nuances that you might not usually hear. The in-line remote attached to the audio cable makes it easy to talk hands-free if you need to take a call mid-way through listening to your favourite album.

HD Hybrid driver system for full spectrum sound

The HD Hybrid driver system combines a 9mm high sensitivity dynamic driver and a Balanced Armature driver. Combining these two drivers reproduces a full spectrum of sound from heavy deep bass to clear and vivid high frequency notes. A high sensitivity 9mm dynamic driver lets the headphones deliver punchy low end and mid range sound on even the most demanding tracks. The driver uses an outer magnetic type magnetic circuit to increase drive force and generate richer bass than many larger drivers.

The compact Balanced Armature driver improves the linearity of mechanical vibration to reproduce clear higher range tones. A direct-drive mechanism ensures faithful transmission of the input signal to the diaphragm for optimum clarity.

Extended clarity, smaller space

It's all about a full spectrum of sound with these sophisticated in-ear headphones. They include an HD Hybrid Driver system that packs a wealth of fine detail in a small space so you can hear every note and vocal with more clarity. Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio quality sound in higher-than-CD quality with High-Resolution Audio.

Sophistication in miniature

High precision sound technology is packed inside a small housing. Supplied with a carry case, these lightweight headphones are a joy to take around. The triple-comfort earbuds, supplied in three sizes, provide a snug fit for a variety of ear shapes. Combining hard silicone rubber and specially-developed formed silicone, they perfectly match sound with stability and comfort.



  • Accurate, clear sound reproduction using a hybrid of balanced armature & 9mm high sensitivity Dynamic Driver units
  • High-Resolution Audio support with a secure and comfortable fit in a compact size
  • In-line remote with hands-free microphone
  • Carrying pouch included